Sailor Rose has been and will always be sewn locally.
Support American workers, feel beautiful, have fun and live free!

Beautiful Things

Sailor Rose really began years ago, with the first dress I found and altered. Growing up in New York City, I foraged endless thrift stores, where clothes were piled ceiling high. These treasure hunts lasted hours, each fabric and garment unique, having lived some other life, it's own special journey which ultimately brought it to my hand.



Fundamental to our company’s philosophy is the idea that the best things improve with age and that clothes take on a life and character of their own. Pass them from mother to daughter or daughter to daughter. My favorite clothes have always felt old and new at the same time and this is what I seek to achieve with every Sailor Rose garment.

Based on classic American designs these pieces are a contemporary twist on timeless elegance, grown out of years of altering vintage pieces, and a lifetime of studying patterns and movement.


Hand-Sewn in USA

Our garments tell an American story – from design through manufacturing to ownership. At Sailor Rose, all of our pieces are hand sewn in America. We strongly believe in supporting our local workforce and fostering the American tradition of quality manufacturing and industry.

save the garment center

The Garment industry was once New York’s largest employer. In 1960, 95% of clothing sold in America was made domestically. Today, that figure is down to just 5%.

 We all can help – A USA made garment not only lasts longer but helps provide jobs, livelihoods and furthers the American tradition of industry and inventiveness.

Live Free and Wear it With Pride!